• Petrochemical, Chemical, Marine, Automotive, Mining and Food Industries
  • Agriculture and Irrigation
  • Industrial and Urban Water Treatment (WWTP, WTP, Pump Stations and Water reservoirs);
  • Cogeneration Plants, Sanitary Landfills, Power Plants;
  • Other applications through enquiry.

Composed of a multidisciplinary team, the company provide to its customers the study of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineering, being able to perform a follow-up during the execution stage.

The company being mainly composed of technicians with extensive experience in the sector, is able to conduct studies of water treatment solutions, tailored to the needs of their customers, whether they are public or private. Interventions may be on design, implementation, or operation/maintenance of the intervened facilities.


Previous study of the plant on-site, creating a needs assessment followed by elaboration of a proposition for the supply and installation of piping, accessories and other similar equipment, including monitoring instrumentation, refurbishment of electrical installations, control and power cabinets, in water treatment plants, either at municipal or industrial level, always aiming for the improvement of the system efficiency.


  • Previous study of the plant on-site, creating a needs assessment followed by elaboration of preventive maintenance plans and their implementation, through the execution of scheduled site visits as specified in the maintenance contracts.
  • Periodic control of critical equipment on-site, performance analysis and eventual proposal for replacing elements that compromise the smooth operation of those equipments.
  • Corrective maintenance, aiming to restore the operational capacity of the plant, available to NBS customers at a distance of a phone call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Technical support in plant operation
  • Indicators monitoring and staff training to assure all operational processes in the plant, and therefore fulfill all discharge standards.
  • Operation of the water treatment plants, this service provided by NBS allows the fulfillment of all discharge standards.
  • The company provides technical support to its customers, eventually providing technical staff to operate the plant.

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